About CAL

Our home in San FranciscoWhat’s up guys! This is Chris and I’m the founder of CAL – Cuisines Arte Linea. I thought it would be great to go out there and blog about my experiences working at home. There’s so many things I’m doing every week, like just last week we completely renovated our bathroom, last month we replaced the old garage door and three months ago we had to do a repair on the oven (which we should have done by ourselves instead of hiring someone else).

We also got so much projects for our home planned for the future. What I’m really excited right now is the swimming pool installation that should be so much fun to do and once it’s finished we can invite our friends for barbecue and playing in the water every weekend. Should be great fun! Not to forget the solar panel installation project we have long thought about and finally decided to make that investment.

So you see, lot’s of cool stuff going on in our home in the suburbs of San Francisco, California. And so I started blogging on CAL because I want to keep memories of all our interesting installation projects for the future. Well, and I may have some advice for you in some of my posts, so that would be even better.

Cheers guys, have fun reading through my articles!