How we renovated our bathroom

A well furnished bathroom is not only pleasant but also offers lots of comfort when in use. Me and my partner have long worked towards renovating our bathroom to give I a glamorous look and comfortable use. What we found amazing is that it doesn’t cost you a fortune and it is also an interesting task. We personalized everything and now we find it fun to use the bathroom.

How we renovated our bathroom was overwhelming as well as time-costing. However after going through all that, we found that it is worth all the effort. Preparation is the key to carrying out any successful renovation is by having adequate resources as well as time.

Before embarking on the renovation, we decided on the design and functionality that was to best suit our interests. We looked into factors like the wall color painting, choices of tiles, vanities, the tubs as well as the shower types. This was quite overwhelming as there are lots of sources to gather such information. We made use of home improvement magazines to gather some knowledge on some of the improvements we would like to give our bathroom.

The next tasked we were concerned with was taking some of the vital measurements which deemed very vital. We felt that the size of our previous bathroom wasn’t that spacious enough to give comfortable use. The measurements were also important in budgeting for the materials like plumbing, painting and electrical materials which were used during the renovation process.

No renovation work is complete without having some remodeling as well as repairing the bathroom features like the bathtubs, sink, the faucets and the shower heads. We hired a contractor who gave some wonderful look to our bathroom by installing some mirrors, door handles and drawers.

After we were done with the renovation works, our bathroom was now having spacious in the shelves. With this, we are now able to comfortably accommodate all our stuff in place while at the same time they are all reachable. The ceramic floor and wall is amazing to glaze at. The ventilation is now superb as there is no accumulation of waste water within the sinks and tubs.