Wooden Garage Doors – Why I don’t like them

It is important to choose a garage door material which suits your preference and maintenance capability. Wooden garage doors are flexible and easy to design since they can be painted to match the décor of your home’s exterior. They also present your home with some form of security and provide insulation from outdoor temperature. However, wooden garage door have some disadvantages which you should consider before purchasing one. Here is a look at the cons of wooden garage doors.

Wooden Garage Doors

I do not like wooden garage doors because of the maintenance and repair requirements that come with it. In order to make the door look beautiful throughout, it needs yearly painting and sanding. This is necessary to prevent the wood from absorbing water that can make it rot away and infested with mold. For this purpose I would recommend the technicians from garage door replacement Sacramento. Also depending on the type of wood you have chosen, you will have to make sure that is not infested with insects like termites.

Wood has for a long time became expensive because its availability in the natural environment has gone down. People cut down trees without planting other trees hence the limitation. It is said that, when you cut one, plant two. I am also a naturalist and if I can avoid using wood, the better for me. Installation is also expensive.

When you want to install a wooden garage door, you have to plan in advance because of its custom-built nature. They are not readily available in garage building stores since building time is needed. Wood is also a heavy material and your garage needs proper size of garage opener and springs to move the weight of the door.

I prefer other materials of making garage since they have longer durability compared to wood. In case of fire in the house, a garage door made of steel will not be burnt down and all you need is to paint to restore its previous look. Wooden garage is good but its pros are more than its cons.

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